TIG welding machine

TIG welding machine 1600 Features
TIG Welding Machine has the advantages as following:
Potable Inverter TIG Welding Machine, Single phase, Fan cooled
Stable DC output
Easy arc striking
High frequency TIG mode
Intelligent protection of over voltage,over current, over heat and low voltage
TIG Welding Machine adopts IGBT technology and PWM characteristic
TIG Welding Machine is completely adjustable for amperage Setting.
HF Technology, non-contact arc starting can reduce times of contacting between tungsten electrode and material
Current slow down time and ending arc current can be adjusted
Gas postflow avoid the defects of arc starting or arc ending
TIG welding machine 2000Advantage
The indicator of Thermal Overload Protection can warn the operators as soon as exceed duty cycle or& airflow block.
TIG Welding Machine introduces Simple operation panel interface. It is easy to control all functions with pushing switches. Simple to use Control Panel Interface.
Warning Circuit can give warnings to operators the abnormal conditions of power supply.
HF Arc Starting - Provides non-contact arc starting that eliminates tungsten or material contamination.
TIG AC/DC pulse model - Provides Pulse ON/OFF, Pulse Frequency, peak time, background and peak amperage, initial and final slope times and amperage control.
Parameter memory settings
TIG AC/DC pulse model -Provides memory programs, which can be easily saved and recalled, to realize job settings for the operator at the push of a button.
AC Frequency Control - Provides ability to the operator to control over the weld bead shape.
TIG welding machine 2000ID Benefits
TIG welding machine is ideal for welding ferrous metals including carbon and stainless steels, copper, titanium, zirconium and most nickel alloys.
Product Picture Main Components Voltage Output Current Duty Cycle Weight Packing Size
TIG 1600 TIG welding machine 1600  IGBT 220V ±10% 20-150A 40% 9KG 450*265*335mm
TIG 2000 TIG welding machine 2000  IGBT 220V ±10% 20-180A 60% 9KG 476*242*423mm
TIG 2000ID TIG welding machine 2000ID  IGBT AC/DC 220V ±10% 10-200A 60% 20.5KG 370*163*310mm
TIG 2500 TIG welding machine 2500  IGBT 220V ±10% 10-250A 60% 10KG 370*163*310mm

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