MMA / ARC Welding machine

ARC Welding machine 1400 Advantage
MMA(Manual Metal Arc)/ARC welding machine has the advantages as following:
Quite suited for windy, outdoor situations.
More forgiving when welding on duty or rusty metal.
Compact, lightweight and resource-conserving(shipping cost saving) thanks to efficient inverter technology.
Well durable, maintenance and service friendly.
Energy saving thanks to inverter technology combined with reducing energy processes.
ARC Welding machine 1600 Features
MMA(Manual Metal Arc)/ARC welding machine adopts advanced (IGBT) inverter technology;
Compact, portable, high efficiency, energy saving;
LCD digital display and operation, which is simple for people;
With strong compensation capability, resistant to voltage fluctuation, stable welding current;
Arc force, Hot start, Anti-stick, Thermostatic control, Gas-cooled;
Over-current, High temperature Intelligent protection;
ARC Welding machine 2000 Function
MMA(Manual Metal Arc)/ARC welding machine is applicable for welding of all kinds of ferrous metals such as stainless steel, low carton steel and alloy steel, etc.
Suitable 1.6-5mm electrode diameter range.
MMA/lift TIG in one machine.
ARC Welding machine 2000PFC Benefits
With perfect durability, long serving life and supreme quality, EP Welding can save your constant new investments;
Innovative welding process, less preparatory and finishing work, saving on human-resource.
In EP welding, MMA(Manual Metal Arc)/ARC welding machine's high efficiency can offer enormous saving potential when facing of rising electricity prices.
Better resource-efficient work processes thanks to innovative welding processes, fewer passes and therefore less energy wasting.
Friendly for the environment and work situation thanks to fewer welding fumes.
A single source for all machine components and welding accessories.
Product Picture Main
Voltage Output
Weight Packing
ARC 1400 ARC Welding machine 1400  IGBT Single PCB 220V ±10% 10-140A 1.6-3.2mm 40% 5KG 330*132*270mm
ARC 1600 ARC Welding machine 1600  IGBT 220V ±10% 10-160A 1.6-4mm 40% 5KG 330*132*270mm
ARC 2000 ARC Welding machine 2000  IGBT 220V ±10% 10-200A 1.6-4mm 40% 6KG 330*132*270mm
ARC 2000PFC ARC Welding machine 2000PFC  IGBT MOUDLE 220V ±10% 10-200A 3.2mm 40% 6KG 330*132*270mm
ARC 2500PFC ARC Welding machine 2500PFC  IGBT MOUDLE 220V ±10% 10-250A 3.2mm 40% 11KG 370*163*310mm
ARC 2500 ARC Welding machine 2500  IGBT 220V ±10% 20-250A 2.5-5mm 40% 8KG 330*163*310mm
ARC 2500D ARC Welding machine 2500D  IGBT 220V ±10% 20-150A 1.6-3.2mm 40% 15KG 420*202*370mm
380V ±10% 20-180A 1.6-4mm 40% 15KG 420*202*370mm
ARC 4000 ARC Welding machine 4000  IGBT 380V ±15% 20-320A 1.6-5.0mm 60% 24KG 480*256*435mm
ARC 5000 ARC Welding machine 5000  IGBT 380V ±15% 20-420A 1.6-5.0mm 60% 28KG 480*256*435mm
ARC 6300 ARC Welding machine 6300  IGBT 380V ±15% 20-630A 5mm 60% 48KG 690*320*560mm

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