MIG / MAG welding machine

MIG welding machine Advantage
Build-in or support external wire feeder, without frequency changing of electrode rod, welding efficiency will be highly improved, applicable for welding in all position and different kind of materials. Gas as shield for workpiece and welding pool, not necessary to clean slag, less aftertreatment work. welding efficiency is highly improved, energy and labor cost is decreased. with 2-stroke / 4-stroke / Spot control, support STICK, MIG/MAG process,meet different welding modes.
MIG welding machine 1750I Features
Our MIG/MAG welding machine is also know as GMAW welding process, argon (Ar) or CO2 work as shield gas to protect both weld pool and feeded wire from oxygen and nitrogen,avoid porosities during the welding. According to different type of gas, it was Metal Inert Gas(MIG) and Metal Active Gas(MAG) welding method. MIG process mainly use argon or mixed argon gas as shield gas, MAG process mainly use CO2 work as shield gas.
MIG welding machine 2000I Application
EP welding MIG/MAG welding machine is usually used with carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, alloy and so on. Our MIG/MAG welding machine is widely used in fields of metal processing , such as bridge, mechanical manufacture, shipyard, automotive, railway construction, gas pipeline,steel structure and so on.
Product Picture Main components Voltage Output Current Wire Diameter Duty Cycle Weight Machine size
EP MIG 150 MIG welding machine 1750I IGBT TUBE 220V MIG:30-130
0.5-1.5mm 35% 8KG 350*170*270mm
EP MIG 175 MIG welding machine 1750I IGBT TUBE 220V MIG:30-150
1-2mm 30% 10.5KG 418*193*294mm
EP MIG 200 MIG welding machine 1750I IGBT TUBE 220V MIG:40-200
1-2mm 35% 12KG 436*232*295mm
EP MIG-1750I MIG welding machine 1750I  IGBT moudle 220V 30-175A 0.6-0.8mm 60% 91KG 900*370*760mm
EP MIG-2000I MIG welding machine 2000I  IGBT moudle 220V 30-200A 0.8-1.0mm 60% 105KG 900*370*760mm
EP MIG-2500I MIG welding machine 2500I  IGBT moudle 220/380V 30-250A 0.8-1.0mm 60% 107KG 900*370*760mm
EP MIG-270 MIG welding machine 270  Transformer 220/380V 50-270A 0.8-1.2mm 60% 12KG 438*210*390mm
EP MIG-350 MIG welding machine 350  Transformer 220/380/440V 50-360A 0.8-1.2mm 60% 20KG 438*210*390mm
EP MIG-500 MIG welding machine 500  Transformer 220/380/440V 80-500A 0.8-1.6mm 60% 25KG 438*210*390mm
EP MIG-3500 MIG welding machine 3500  IGBT moudle 380V 60-350A 0.8-1.0mm 60% 40KG 650*320*560mm
EP MIG-5000 MIG welding machine 5000  IGBT moudle 380V 60-500A 0.8-1.6mm 60% 50KG 650*320*560mm
EP MIG-6300 MIG welding machine 6300  IGBT moudle 380V 80-630A 0.8-1.6mm 60% 58KG 650*320*560mm

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