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Industries overview
At EP Welding, a variety of qualified welding machine & cutting machine and professional solutions serve a wide range of industries including construction machinery, bus industry, shipbuilding, petroleum machinery, aerospace technology, steel structure, heavy fabrication, piping, pressure vessel, bridge, wind power, nuclear energy and many other fields involved to our production and life. Our mission is to help you save money, time and energy. We focus on advanced industrial application and welding cutting machine that assist you improve productivity while reducing cost .What is the best? A combine (combination) of efficiency, productivity, safety and cost. In a word, the most appropriate. As one of the most professional welding machine manufacturer in China, EP Welding offer the most appropriate specialized welding & cutting solution to you do more with less in your industries.
General fabrication
1.General fabrication
The most important for general fabrication welding is stable welding current with high quality. Every welding machine manufacturer take priority for the research and solution for the issue. EP Welding product work efficiently and stably supported with our 25 years R&D technology and manufacturing experience for welding machine. Our welding machine for MMA/SMAW series, MIG/MAG/GMAW series are widely used for general fabrication. Our machines end user told us that good product is not a good looks, but rather high-tech technology and professional design inside. Tell us what applying environment and welding request you need, we will provide the best solution for you to enhance your productivity while reducing your costs. Experienced professional OEM service is offered to assist you in every step of the way hereby.
Heavy fabrication
2.Heavy fabrication
Heavy fabrication welding process requires quality-tested, highly stability-current and rooted–technology welding equipment and facility, EP Welding can fully meet such standards. In the past 25 years, EP Welding has been cooperating with many heavy industries enterprises directly or indirectly in China by providing proper welding solution to our clients under good business reputation. Product reliability comes from clients feedback,that what we do .Choosing a reliable supplier who gives quality product and professional solution, you will have more time and energy to focus on your business and expand your market. EP Welding will try everything to help your business take off.
Steel structure
3.Steel structure
Beijing nest is the most famous steel structure building in China and it’s well know all over the world as well, Not only the special rugged appearance, but also the stable structure. Every rigid joint comes from qualified welding machine that manufactured by approved professional welding equipment manufacturer. EP Welding is one of them since we provided hundreds of welding machine to be used in bird’s nest . Our CO2 MIG/MAG welding equipment series is specially good at stability of current and quality, one of the most reasons is CO2 gas shielded technology-share with CWR (Chengdu Welding Research) which is a famous national welding machine research in China. Each steel structure project is possible with EP Welding machine and application expertise.
Pressure vessel
4.Pressure vessel
Strengthening your pressure vessel welding process with high safety and precision is the essential requirement for welding machine, which should be made by a technology-deposit manufacturer. Argon TIG welding machine and SAW submerged welding equipment are good at pressure vessel industry in which EP Welding is professional and much more experienced. For trading company, distributors, agent and even welding brands which need OEM service, EP Welding is a good choice . When you get all of your solution from a professional welding machine supplier, you will have all your time to focus on your business. What EP Welding can do for you is much more than simple business.
Bus & motor industry
5.Bus & motor industry
Welding process, welding current is stable, little sparks, lots of spot welding, short welding line, over and over arc striking, ending arc function required etc, all of these are bus industry welding characters. EP Welding provide best welding solution for your bus/motor welding process. Keeping your welding safer and firmer for a longer product lifespan is our mission and advantage. Indeed, our relationship with our clients is much deeper than just industrial supply. We offer a wide range of services including design, judgement, set-up and support for application equipment .
Ship building
6.Ship building
Welding plays a significant role in Shipbuilding industry. Most of the process is supported with welding action. EP Welding manufacture many types welding equipment that used in shipbuilding

*TIG argon welding machine

*SAW submerged welding machine

*MIG/MAG CO2 gas shielded welding machine.
Window and doors industry
7.Window and doors industry
Window welding, doors welding, chair welding and any other metal household welding requires firm and smoothly welding technology. TIG welding machine and MMA/SMAW welding machine is always preferred for this industry. TIG welding is firm and smooth while MMA welding machine is compact and lightweight for family daily use.A warm family request a strong house for the safety purpose, EP Welding would like to do best to aid you in household welding operation.
Power & process industry
8.Power & process industry
EP Welding provided hundreds of welding and cutting machine for Guangzhou Daya bay nuclear power station and Guangdong Yangyang nuclear power station directly. Indirectly, we offered cutting welding machine to lots of other power station fabrication via OEM service to other welding brands under business confidential agreement. The welding equipment covers TIG series, SAW series and MIG/MAG series welders.Rooted technology-deposit, professional expertise, experienced manufacturing, approved products, full sided service,what EP welding can do is more than you expected that clients can ensure it during the cooperation .
Petroleum machinery
9.Petroleum machinery
It’s a sour environment in pipeline transportation for gas and oil, there are many standards to limit the pipeline welding in petroleum machinery. It’s crucial but request follow to ensure property safety of people and public. Experienced and professional OEM & ODM service is provided in EP Welding in petroleum machinery field. A various function welding machine in MIG/MAG, SAW, TIG and plasma cutting machine are included.
High speed rail project
10.High speed rail project
Chongqing light rail project Beijing-Shanghai high speed rail Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan high speed rail Beijing-Tianjing high speed rail EP Welding is an old experienced expert for high speed rail, and our welding machines have made an contribution to China high speed rail construction with its reliable quality. Help you improve your productivity and reduce on costs in your industry is our task and honor.

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